Bringing Earth's
Resources to Life

Silica Sand of the highest purity

Depend on Simplot for reliable delivery and a consistent quality. Our sand is more than 99% pure silica dioxide, which can be used for any number of applications.

Simplot’s silica sand mine in Overton, Nevada, produces the high-quality silica sand backed by outstanding customer service and reliable supply that your industry demands. While we can’t control what nature produces, we can take care to gather the highest quality silica available from our proven reserves and deliver it to you in a timely manner.

From metal casting and glass production to building products like grout and cement, our high-quality sand provides the raw material inputs your industry relies on. With a shipping point in Overton, Nevada, and a transload facility in French Camp, California, we are ideally located to service the Western United States and beyond. The Overton mine has been in operation since 1927 and has the proven reserves to continue supplying you well into the future.


Building Products

  • Fiberglass
  • Grout
  • Cement/Concrete


  • Container
  • Flat Glass
  • Automotive


  • Molding
  • Round & Sub-Round Grains
  • Custom Foundry Blends


To learn more about Simplot’s silica sand, review the MSDS sheets below. You may also contact us to make an order or click here to check your existing order online.